Best WordPress Themes for Business websites

20+ Best WordPress Themes for Business Websites in 2022

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WordPress is one of the most popular website-building platforms in the world. It’s also the platform that powers millions of websites, including many that are designed for business purposes.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best WordPress themes for business websites.

We’ll also explain how these themes can be used to create an online presence that’s professional and powerful, and which will help you to reach the right audience and generate more leads and sales.

How Can I Find a WordPress Theme for My Business?

There are a lot of great WordPress themes out there, but finding the right one for your business can be tough. That’s why we’ve created this guide on finding a WordPress theme for your business.

We’ll go over the most important things you should look for when choosing a theme, like support, features, and price.

We’ll also share some examples of WordPress themes that will work well for businesses of different sizes.

1. Select Your Niche

Niche is a great way to build your business. It’s a way to break out from the crowd and be unique. But, creating a niche business is more than just having a unique product or service. It’s about being positioned in the right place at the right time.

2. Choose Responsive Theme

The responsive theme you choose for your WordPress website will determine its mobile-friendliness.

Responsive themes adapt their layout and design to the size and resolution of an individual’s device, ensuring that your content is easy to read no matter what device a person is using.

Responsive themes are a great way to ensure that your site looks great on all devices.

3. SEO supported Theme

Finding an SEO-optimized WordPress theme can be a challenging task. The process of finding and choosing the right theme is often complicated by the variety of factors that can influence the success of a website’s search engine optimization.

These include the theme’s design, its functionality, the quality and quantity of content, and the effectiveness of the theme’s customization and plugin options for SEO.

Fortunately, there are many factors that can be controlled by the theme designer, which greatly simplifies the process of choosing the best theme for your WordPress website.

4. Check Browser Compatibility

The best way to make sure the WordPress theme you want to use works well on your site is to test it in your web browser.

This is the only way to know if the theme functions as expected, or if you’ll have bugs or other issues.

There are a few different ways to test a WordPress theme in a web browser Inspect the code of the theme in a text editor.

This is the best way to know what the code should do, and whether or not it functions as intended.

5. Check Plugin Integration

Most WordPress themes come with built-in support for WordPress plugins, so you don’t have to worry about making your plugin work in a theme.

But if your theme doesn’t have plugin support, you’ll need to check the documentation to see how you can add it.

Some themes have a “Custom CSS” field in the theme settings, others have a separate “Custom CSS” page. Sometimes you’ll need to add some lines of code to a theme’s functions.php file.

6. Consider Support

Support for WordPress themes is a crucial part of our platform. It allows you to build a website with a consistent look and feel that works well on various devices and platforms.

Within the WordPress theme discovery and discovery pages, you can find a number of WordPress themes from which to choose.

Our theme support includes theme installation, theme updates, theme troubleshooting, and theme recommendations.

WordPress is the world’s most popular website platform, and it’s used by small businesses and corporations alike.

The best WordPress themes are those that offer the most SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and flexible designs to help you build a website that represents your brand and meets your needs.

So, here are the best WordPress themes for business websites.

1. DIVI Theme

Divi is the most advanced WordPress theme on the market. It has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate tool for creating a stunning website. With a wealth of features, it is the complete package for best WordPress themes for business websites.

Divi includes everything you need to get started creating your own live website, including a built-in page builder, an extensive library of pre-designed layouts, a drag and drop page builder for building your own custom designs, and support for over 50 different plugins.

2. Astra Theme

Astra is a premium WordPress theme from Theme Hybrid. It’s a bold, modern theme that’s been designed for webmasters who want to build a sleek, high-quality website without spending a lot of money.

Astra is great for designers and webmasters who are looking for a theme that will help them build an online portfolio, a blog, or a website for their small business.

Astra has been built using the best web development techniques and it’s been tailored to provide the best user experience possible.

3. Ocean WP Theme

The Ocean WordPress Theme is a modern, clean, and elegant theme built for blogs, portfolio sites, and creative agencies.

We’ve designed this theme to be fully responsive so it looks great on any device. The theme comes with a beautiful custom header image and background image, a parallax background effect, and a handy blog layout that makes it easy to create a smooth-looking website.

The theme comes with 2 blog styles, a layout for showcasing your best work, and a layout for displaying a calendar or blog posts.

4. Ultra Theme

Ultra is a premium WordPress theme for businesses. It is designed to help you build a professional website in just a few clicks. Ultra comes with tons of features to help you get the job done right the first time. It is highly customizable, so you can make it work the way you want it to.

5. Hestia Pro Theme

Hestia Pro is a premium best WordPress themes for business websites designed for professional bloggers and business owners. It features a beautiful blog design, a powerful homepage design, and a unique homepage layout builder.

This theme is also fully optimized for search engines, so your content will rank higher in search results. Lastly, Hestia Pro is a multi-purpose theme, so you can use it for almost any website genre.

6. Koehn WordPress Theme

Koehn is a beautiful WordPress theme for designers, developers, and creatives. It comes with a built-in design studio and powerful theme options so you can customize every aspect of the experience to suit your unique needs.

All the code is written in WP-API, the most advanced theme customization language, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the absolute best experience possible. Koehn is the ultimate tool for your next creative project.

7. Atmosphere Pro WordPress Theme

Atmosphere Pro is a best WordPress themes for business websites built to create amazing websites. It’s built on the Genesis Framework, meaning it’s a high-quality theme with tons of customization options and framework support.

It’s also built to easily adapt to any device, no matter the size. Atmosphere Pro has been designed to be used on large corporate websites, small blogs, portfolios, and much more.

8. Narcos WordPress Theme

Welcome to the world of the most powerful, feature-rich, and professional WordPress theme for the Narcos series. This theme is 100% responsive and retina-ready, which will perfectly fit your business needs no matter what device you are using.

It has a premium design, elegant and simple, which will make your site looks modern and stylish. Narcos WordPress Theme is perfect for any type of business, real estate agency, interior design studio, photographer, studio, boutique, corporation, etc.

9. Digital Pro WordPress Theme

Digital Pro is a modern best WordPress themes for business websites that comes with a powerful premium drag-and-drop builder. This means that you can customize every aspect of your website without having to write a single line of code.

The builder also includes over 1,500 design elements, which means that you can build an unlimited number of unique, professional websites in just minutes.

10. Struct WordPress Theme

WordPress is the world’s largest website platform. It’s used by tens of millions of people to build websites, blogs, and online businesses.

WordPress has evolved over the years from a blogging platform into a full-fledged website platform that can be used to build just about anything.

The power and flexibility of WordPress come from its ability to be extended and customized using a structure called a theme.

11. Montblanc WordPress Theme

Montblanc is a clean, responsive best WordPress themes for business websites with an elegant, timeless design inspired by the classic pen-stands of the same name.

It is perfect for businesses looking for a modern, professional theme that won’t compromise on functionality.

It’s also a great choice for photographers, artists, and other creative professionals looking for a theme that can handle a large amount of content with ease.

Montblanc is fully customizable with tons of design options to help you get the exact look you’re going for.

12. Executive Pro WordPress Theme

Built for executives, Pro is the most powerful best WordPress themes for business websites for companies and entrepreneurs. It has a professional look and feels and is perfect for startups, small businesses, and large corporations.

It is fully customizable and comes with tons of built-in tools to help you manage your site, build an email marketing campaign, manage reviews and content, and more. It is the most powerful theme we offer.

13. Airi WordPress theme

The Airi theme is a modern, minimal best WordPress themes for business websites with a focus on ease of use and customization. The theme is developed with Sass, which means it’s fast and efficient.

It is built on the latest WordPress trends and standards, so you can be sure it works great on any device and platform. It has the most advanced theme options available, so you can make your site look exactly the way you want it to.

14. Hestia WordPress theme

Hestia is a modern, responsive best WordPress themes for business websites designed for business, portfolio, or blog sites. It comes with a built-in portfolio feature, custom headers, footers, and a variety of custom layout settings. It is perfect for creative professionals, startups, small businesses, or anyone else looking for a simple, yet effective theme.

15. OnePress WordPress theme

OnePress is a modern best WordPress themes for business websites that’s designed to help you build a strong online presence and generate more leads. It combines the best features from premium themes to provide a powerful layout and design that’s easy to customize and update. OnePress is also fully responsive, so your website will look great on all devices.

16. Sydney WordPress theme

Sydney is a modern and elegant best WordPress themes for business websites built specifically for businesses and organizations.

It is optimized for search engines, featuring the ability to optimize your site for local search, while still maintaining a high ranking on Google.

The theme is customizable, allowing you to change colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more. You can also choose from multiple page templates, including a blog, portfolio, team, product, and testimonial.

17. OnePage Lite WordPress theme

OnePage is a high-quality, multipurpose best WordPress themes for business websites built to help small businesses and personal bloggers achieve success with minimal effort.

It comes with a responsive design, powerful customization capabilities, and tons of gorgeous design options.

Best of all, it’s built on the powerful WordPress platform, making it easy to manage even the largest of blogs and websites. No coding experience is required.

18. Zakra WordPress theme

Zakra is a sleek, modern best WordPress themes for business websites that was designed to help you build a powerful online presence. It comes with a wide range of powerful features such as a responsive design, ready-to-use page templates, and a drag-and-drop page builder.

You can use Zakra to build a variety of different websites such as a business website, an online store, a blog, or a website for your small business.

Zakra can help you build an online presence that will impress your customers and grow your business.

19. Allegiant WordPress theme

The Allegiant best WordPress themes for business websites is a premium theme suited for any website or blog. It comes with a responsive design, so it works on all devices, from desktop computers and laptops to mobile phones and tablets.

It has a clean and modern design that will help you stand out from the crowd. You can use the theme for anything, from a simple blog to a complex business website.

20. Schema Lite WordPress theme

Schema is a best WordPress themes for business websites designed to help small businesses and bloggers get the most out of their WordPress sites without being overwhelmed by the technical side.

Built on the Genesis Framework, which was built with the goal of being easy to use and customize, Schema is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their WordPress site, without needing to be experts.

we’ll go over what makes Schema different from other WordPress themes, as well as what types of users will be best suited for using Schema. We’ll also go over some of the customization options that are available so that you can get the most out of Schema, even if you aren’t a developer.

21. AccessPress Parallax wordpress theme

AccessPress is a modern and minimal WordPress theme based on Parallax design. It comes with a huge side menu, smooth scrolling, video background, parallax sections, social icons, and much more. The theme is ideal for business, corporate, agency, portfolio, blog, etc. websites.

22. Neve Lawyers WordPress theme

Attorney Steven Neve is one of the most respected personal injury lawyers in Australia. For more than a decade, Steve has represented thousands of victims who have been injured through the actions or inactions of others.

Steve has recovered millions of dollars for his clients through aggressive negotiation, mediation, and courtroom litigation.

Steve has also represented clients in a wide range of other legal matters, including criminal defense, family law, wills and estates, and corporate law.

23. Zigcy Lite WordPress theme

The Zigcy Lite best WordPress themes for business websites is a clean, professional theme that’s suitable for a variety of purposes, including e-commerce.

It’s completely responsive, meaning that it adapts to mobile devices and ensures that your website looks great no matter which device it’s viewed on.

Zigcy Lite is also mobile-friendly, which means that Google will rank your website higher in its search results.

24. Latte WordPress theme

Latte is a modern, multi-purpose WordPress theme built for coffee shops, bistros, cafes, food trucks, and everything in between.

It’s the perfect theme for small businesses that want to stand apart from the crowd. With its sophisticated design, intuitive layout, and extensive customization options, Latte is a great choice for a WordPress theme for restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and everything in between.

It’s a stylish and user-friendly WordPress theme built especially for small business owners and food trucks, offering them everything they need to get their business online and running.

25. Anariel Lite WordPress theme

Anariel is a clean and modern theme for WordPress websites and blogs. This theme is optimized for speed, searchability, and scalability. It’s a great choice for bloggers and small businesses. Anariel is built on the Genesis Framework, so it’s super-easy to customize and tweak to fit your needs.

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